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Hot Gossip on The New iPad Release Date

There are many who are speculating on the new iPad release date with some agreeing amongst themselves that October 2014 would be the most obvious from a business point of view for Apple to release the iPad Air 2, while yet others speculate that the iPad 5, 6 or Pro is much more likely to be released in the new year.

Images which have been posted on websites showing mock-ups of the new device though how accurate the speculation is on the new iPad release date or the detail given in images is can only be guessed at since Apple are certainly not giving the game away.

For example, one image showed that familiar ring which appears in the vicinity of the home button which would hint at Touch ID scanning of fingerprints. The outside edge buttons on the mock-up also show decided differences between the current iPad and it’s apparent replacement.

Speaker holes have been extended and leaks indicate that the back camera on the tablet will undergo improvement. Looking at people’s wish lists for what they would like to see out of a new iPad, people seem to want larger format or bigger screens even though this time last year, they were crying out for a more lightweight format. The iPad Air fixed that though the only way that the public could be satisfied with both lightness and larger size would seem to be to release an iPad Air 2 and Pro, thus giving everyone what they wanted from the iconic tablet.

With the news looming over the tablet market, and with iPad’s habit of bringing out a new model for each of its devices each year, it’s likely that the new iPad release date really won’t be that far away. If the speculations for October are accurate, then one can expect news within September, ready for the launch. However, if the launch does take place in October, that might just be a little too early to capture the Christmas market. Apple marketing staff must be looking very hard at the ideal date though there is a chance that they could make a killing by releasing the iPad Air 2 ready for before Christmas, and then bring in the Pro version in the new year, keeping potential users in the dark until the launch date happens.

The rumor of a boost in RAM for the iPad Air may be very interesting at 2GB and with the Retina friendly screen, this is likely to be popular with all ages. In fact one of the benefits of the iPad Air, apart from this retina friendliness, was the fact that it weighed in lighter and was much easier for those wishing to read, since it caused less stress on the wrists. If Apple are heading for better definition for the iPad Pro with a larger screen, how will they counter the weight problem? One can only speculate.

In the meantime, it’s worth looking after Apple equipment bought before the new iPad release date, and even after that time, by protecting it in a sleeve or cover, because the online trade in prices will help finance future purchases.

Moving on Without My Moto X

Your Moto X may have been the best thing ever when it came out, but little by little, Motorola have tempted you into their new generation phone models. Thus the Moto X became redundant. Have you have ever thought about how many redundant phones there are in the world, all tucked away in hidden places and forgotten, in favor of new ones? There must be literally thousands. Of course there are places where these can be sold, but people stopped bothering because it was too difficult to get anything like what they were worth. Auction prices were low for older models and to sell my Moto X, I had to go a step further than simply praying that someone would bid at the last minute. It’s as if you have a relationship with a phone and that seemed a very poor way to treat it after being hand held for so long.

Now there is somewhere that’s worthwhile thinking about because the value for money you get on older equipment helps to finance the new or certainly gives you more satisfaction. It also makes it easier to explain to difficult spouses that you bought into new technology while times are hard. Making the pain of explanation easier, I asked where I could sell my Moto X and actually get a reasonable amount for it and the answer was unexpected. By chance, a friend had noticed a website offering trade-in prices which actually seemed quite good. Following her advice, the only thing that members of the public have to do is choose the make and model and simply follow the instructions online.
It’s easier than standing in a queue in a second hand store which won’t pay you anything like what the Moto X is worth. This is because cell phones can be sold to companies that specialize in recycling the parts or even refurbishing them, giving them a whole new lease of life. The end result is a win win situation for me and my Moto X because it may just come into the hands of someone who will love it as much as I did, and that’s a vast improvement upon being placed at the back of a drawer and forgotten.

Now all that’s left to do is to persuade my partner to do the same with his iPhone when the new iPhone hits the shops. Once he does, he can use that extra money just in time for Christmas, whereas the money I made has already been put aside in a savings account for the next release that Motorola will have on offer. Motorola come up with tempting packages which always give great features and the money made is safely awaiting that next new release.
People who have discovered the amazing prices given on websites like this are finding that recycling is the friendly way to go, even with technology which may seem a little outdated. My Moto X is in safe hands but so is the money, ready for the release of the Moto G2 or the Moto X+1 early next month.

Comparing iPhone 5S Awesome with More iPhone 6 Awesome

When you have two great designs to compare, such as iPhone 5S vs iPhone 6 design, it’s a dilemma as both are top notch. When it comes to being prepared to invest in the latest technology including such innovation as the iPhone 6, you need to know what to do with your older technology…

What Will The iPhone 6 Look Like?

iPhone 5S vs iPhone 6 Design

Apple have been the forerunners in coming up with greatly anticipated cell phone design that consumers are hungry for. So it’s worth taking a moment to compare iPhone 5S vs iPhone 6 design to see what’s new on the latest offering about to be launched by Apple. Although a September 2014 launch date is anticipated, consumers may wonder whether Apple will delay the release of the iPhone 6 ready for the Christmas rush to buy into new design.
The iPhone 6 mock up gives the impression that Apple have gone a radical step further with the overall design of the phone, compared with the 5S. The iPhone 5 sported a four inch display but perhaps this wasn’t big enough for today’s users. This would account for the change in overall size thought to have been adapted by Apple for their latest model. If the design of Apple is taking on any kind of predictable fashion, then the iPhone 6 will be more familiar to iPod Touch users. With HD imagery, they couldn’t really go for a smaller or a similar size to the 5S and the only sure way to go in a battle between their older model and new iPhone had to be in size.
There is much guesswork as to the iPhone 5S vs iPhone 6 design, though looking from a packaging point of view, it would be an obvious move for iPhone 6 to improve their spec for images as well as increasing the size of display. The slimline feel of the iPad 6 will be familiar and sleek such as in previous models.

So what will users do with their old technology?

The truth is that not many purchasers on auction sites want to buy into old technology. It’s a great shame and in a society that tend to put away those unused technology items, the initial investment is written off against the enjoyment factor that users had while using the phone. However, there are now companies who are sufficiently motivated to buy old cell phones and either recycle the parts or refurbish the phones. What this means to the consumer is that they can have something in exchange for their old cell phones and it’s simple.
The websites are set out so that consumers simply choose the phone they are selling and give information about the state of that phone. They are then shown what price they can expect to realize and many consumers are surprised at the high value of second hand technology. This then helps them to capitalize on older equipment ready for the launch of items such as the iPhone 6 as and when it happens. With the amount of cell phones being placed away in drawers, this is good news for the consumer who doesn’t even have to visit a shop and queue up. All of this is available on the Internet and payments are very rapid indeed.

Moving on to a New LG G3

It’s hard to keep up with technology. You just get used to one phone and another hits the market, but the clever ploy of manufacturers is that they always add something very tempting to the new package. That’s no exception when it comes to the LG G3 which has received glowing write ups for performance and enhancements which will tempt the public to spend their hard earned cash on the latest version. If you’ve been asking “Yeh, but where can I sell my LG G2?” then it’s understandable why you are asking this. Think of the way that new technology works and it’s easy to see that there’s not much point in using an old LG when the new one is better. People trying to sell second hand LG’s and other phones or even tablets have found the same thing. It’s frustrating and when using traditional auction sites, people expect to get something for practically nothing. What’s the point?

Sell Your LG G2

Sell My LG G2

Trade in LG G2

Actually you may have heard of recycling in other areas of your life, but not taken account of the fact that this is actually an ongoing trend in the electronics field. Companies willing to buy your old LG will give you top dollar for it depending of course on how well you looked after it. That may be something worth thinking about for the future as well, because old phones in great condition gain more.

Using online trade-in

People from all walks of life have been avoiding trade in because they believed that it meant getting silly prices. When it was shops that bought up mobile technology, perhaps this thought was justified. After all shops have overheads and they are not in business as charities. Online trade-in though, is a whole new ball game and once you see the prices they are offering for your LG G2, you won’t find yourself being too shell-shocked by the price of new phones, as your trade in will help to finance it. It’s a genius idea and one which will be leaving a space in the back of the drawer which no doubt householders will soon fill with their latest unwanted items.

Prices gained will differ depending upon the carrier used, although you don’t need to hesitate with questions such as “How much will I get when I sell my LG G2?” any more. You will know instantly what it’s worth as the site checks the make and model.

Buying into the new generation of cell phones

Remember when you first use your new cell phone, the better the condition, the more trade-in you are likely to gain. It may be well worthwhile investing in a skin from day one to protect that latest investment. Keep the trade-in site in your favorites and the next time a new version comes out, you won’t have to lose time offloading the old one.

Sell my Nokia Lumia

The Nokia Lumia may have knocked your socks off when it first came out, and in fact the many models since the first Lumia hit the market have offered users more functionality, better images and faster use than the original Nokia did, but the old Nokias did gain a following. When two companies of this magnitude put their heads together, one can expect innovation and certainly got it with the releases which followed.

Nokia Lumia Release

However, how do you deal with the fact that a huge corporation like Microsoft bought out their partnering Nokia early this year convinced of profits to come, while Nokia went forward with the introduction of Windows RT tablet? That tells you that the products are certainly going to be worth investing in, leaving you with the question “Where do I sell my Nokia Lumia so I can profit too?”

Going away from tradition

The tradition, unfortunately, for many phone users, was to simply forget old technology, place it away in a drawer and forget it. After all, with the hands so busy using today’s technology, why even try to do anything with older gear. The auction sites used to be the haunting grounds of people who may be asking about selling up old technology, but people were quickly discouraged by potential buyers waiting until the last minute to bid and then getting to win the auction with really low prices. If made it not at all worthwhile to sell on the items, and thus the drawer habit or tradition began. All over the world, people stockpiled old bits and pieces because there wasn’t a market willing to pay anything which made selling the items worthwhile.

Then there was a flurry of shops which offered cash for phones and computer equipment, though again, the mark up price for shops to sell these items on meant that the consumer was always the loser and got very little for their technology.

Recycling responsibly and profitably

Companies saw that people were losing out but also saw a niche in the market for providing cash for used phones which still had valid technology, but had been replaced with new phones. If you ever found yourself asking questions like “where can I sell my Nokia Lumia?” Trade-in websites were built by companies that recycle or even refurbish the old Nokia and other models. All users had to do was choose the correct make and model and be terribly honest about the condition and in exchange, were given prices which helped them to pay for newer gear. In fact, many were surprised at the amount of money that could be made. It’s a responsible way forward though selling online is really much easier than readers may have imagined. That Nokia Lumia you no longer want can help finance future purchases but it can only do that if you get rid of the traditional habit of hiding it in the back of a drawer.

Rumors on iPod Touch Release Abound

It was interesting to read an enthusiast’s post on the Internet that he hoped the iPod Touch new release would happen before his birthday earlier this year. However, it’s still not been announced when the release will happen. iPod Touch 6th generation information is sparse even though search engines come up with much promise.

iPod Touch 6 Concept Design

The iPod Touch may be exactly what you are waiting for but are you ready for when it does get released? How many cell phones do you put into a shelf and forget once new technology arrives? If you are like most people, the old technology gets put away because it’s no longer needed.

Even though the price of this technology was initially quite expensive, people seem to forget that behind the plastic exterior, the old technology still has value. This is because when members tried to sell old cell phones by traditional methods or by means of auctions, the small amount that could be realized wasn’t enough incentive to even try. Times have changed and consumers can now cash in on old technology with no hassle at all, and certainly for no more than the cost of postage.

Online companies offer to buy up older technology for great prices when you identify the make and model. It really is that easy. So while you wait for iPod Touch 6th generation information, don’t waste time. There will be many other consumers who are discovering the investment that they have in older technology. You may even be surprised at how much you are offered for the old cell phones you would have put to one side, the moment new ones are bought.

Expected to be released in September of this year, the iPod Touch will give users the best experience so far, since it gives a great choice of colors, better display, doubled RAM and a great dual core 1GHZ processor. It’s certainly going to be on every music lover’s birthday or Christmas gift list. There are those unprepared to pay the price for the latest technology and who are turning to other makers such as the Galaxy Player. Regardless of the choice, getting out all that old technology and selling it makes sense, as this helps to pay for the replacement items chosen.

It’s a very exciting time for music lovers with so much on offer and iPod Touch 6th generation information is out there, but it’s difficult to decide if Apple are waiting for the Christmas rush to bring out this model or whether they will hit the rumored September deadline. Either way, they win unless the consumer releases the investment made in older technology. With people being so accustomed to this throw-away society, it makes better sense to sell up older items and use that as extra spending power once your decision is made on which media player you choose.

Picking Blackberries Made Easy

If you’re a Blackberry fan, no doubt you have seen the Z30 and discovered what it can do. With such increased battery life, storage and a five inch all touch screen, it’s pretty impressive. The trouble is, you may be asking yourself how do I sell my Blackberry Z10? That’s the dilemma which faces many individual users like me when wanting to invest in new technology and new technology keeps hitting the market. How can you justify spending out on a new phone when it seems not so long ago that the last investment was made?

Having tried to sell items on auction sites, you may have found that the response is disappointing because old technology is yesterday’s news. Although people will buy into older technology, the problem is that they expect to get it at rock bottom prices and that isn’t fair on the consumer who has invested a lot of money. Not only that but how many readers have the moral dilemma of explaining to their better half that they have just spent money on a new gadget, when money is short?

Trade In Blackberry Z10

If you are asking yourself where can I sell my Blackberry Z10, that’s another matter entirely. I recently discovered that you don’t even have to walk down to the shops to get top dollar for your older technology. All you have to do is find companies who are buying up old cell phones, but beware. Not all companies are born equal and some give higher estimates for your equipment than others.

Online companies make the transaction discreet and from your Internet connection, it’s possible to sell your phone, just like I learned to sell my Blackberry Z10 and get a very nice lump sum to go toward newer technology, thus making explanation easier. Not only that, by selling it online, I made more than I thought possible.

Still not convinced? Look at it this way. When new Blackberries hit the market, people are going to be in a frenzied rush to experience what the makers have developed. What that usually means is throwing the old phone to the back of a drawer to gather dust. Each day it sits there, it potentially loses value, but the owner of the new Blackberry isn’t thinking about the old technology or recycling it. When they do, they will realize that society doesn’t have to be throw-away in nature and that selling old phones helps to finance new ones.

If you are among the guilty when it comes to harbouring all that unused technology, it’s time to start thinking again. It shouldn’t be about when or if I sell my Blackberry Z10. It should be about realizing that every day old technology sits around unused, the value is going down. Acting fast through online trade in is a sensible step toward responsible savings. When people are complaining about income, that makes sense. Once you find the market online for your phone, it’s likely you will save the page in your favourites for future use.

iPhone 6 Takes Center Stage

The new iPhone is what people really want. It’s promising that people are searching the Internet for news of the release of Apple’s latest model. It’s even more promising that rumors have it that the release will be toward the end of the year. Apple are keeping quiet about it, but that adds to the anticipation.
iPhone 6 information is out there, but it’s a little bit like sifting through a quagmire trying to get definite answers.

iPhone 6 Design Concept

Possible Look of iPhone 6

In the meantime, those who have learned about trading in their older phones should be at the ready. With the release date imminent, and new
iPhone 6 information being published every day, it’s worth it to see when that treasured new offering from Apple will be available. The reason is that trading in an old cell phone makes perfectly good sense. You may even find that the old cell phone is worth more than you thought.

A new and exciting way to sell your old cell phone is by selling it online. Although auction sites have been available for a long time, what consumers have found is that these aren’t that effective when it comes to selling yesterday’s technology. Lined up against the latest models, unfortunately, sellers are finding that people expect to buy them at knock down prices which hardly make it worthwhile paying the auction fee.

However, if you sell through specialized dealers who are now giving great prices, you really can make good money while waiting for more
iPhone 6 information. The world of mobile technology is for ever changing and those who keep ahead of the game free up cash ready to make their purchases of new technology, instead of throwing the old cell phone into the back of a drawer to gather dust. Keep an eye on Apple’s announcement pages because it is here that full information will be available first.

With the iOs 8 operating system, the iPhone 8 was criticized by websites readers as being too similar in style to the HTC. Whether this is justified or not remains to be seen as die hard Apple fans will no doubt have criticisms of their own on the competition.

While you may not cash into buying a new iPhone 6, there are other exciting models coming onto the market all the time and manufacturers try to lure consumers by offering more and more features. If you find yourself tempted by what you see on the market, then why not cash in the old technology to help pay for the new? It makes perfect sense. Don’t wait until the iPhone 6 takes center stage. Act now to reap great benefits, ready for the iPhone 6 if that’s the new technology that catches your eye.

Noteworthy Advice When You Are Ready To Sell Your Cell Phone.

With the proliferation of cell phones on the market, would it surprise you to know that a large percentage of cell phone owners own more than one phone? Of course it wouldn’t. You probably have cell phones tucked away at the back of a drawer yourself. The point is that these are wasted when they could be sold or recycled. Fashions change all the time and people want to latest gadgetry. Then SIM cards run out and rather than add a new one, people simply take out a new contract with a more attractive phone being offered as part of the deal. Why update an older version when a new package may allow you to have a phone that’s better, that has more features? It doesn’t make logical sense.


Keeping the old cell phone in the drawer makes little sense either. Instead of doing that, you could be turning your cell phone into easy cash and that’s what many people are doing right now. Cashing in on an old cell phone is relatively simple and you may even get more than you anticipated. There are all kinds of reasons which make logical sense as to why you should
sell your cell phone.

So who would want your old cell phone?

There are countless companies who buy up old cell phones for a variety of reasons. Used in some cases for spare parts and in other cases simply reconditioned into a commodity that others may be interested in, the cell phone sitting in your drawer has a value and it may just be more than you think. It’s worthwhile finding out as extra money in this day and age, when everything is so expensive, comes in very handy indeed.

Facts about habits

Today, people think that we live in a “disposable” society. The same people who keep all those old cell phones in the back of a drawer also keep all the gadgets that they buy as it hardly seems worthwhile passing them on. In some cases they may be right, but with cell phones, it’s a crying shame to think of the phone as a “throw-away” item. Many of these are popular makes of telephone and the user has merely outgrown use of the gadget, rather than the cell phone ever having let them down.

Personal information

People are afraid of passing on personal information, but if you know how to use the phone, wiping off personal numbers, photos and information is relatively easy. Transfer the information to your latest device or computer and then wipe it from the cell phone. It’s every bit as easy as it was to put that information onto the cell phone in the first place, but people get lethargic and lazy when it comes to playing around with gadgets they no longer use.

The best advice anyone can give is to clear off that information and sell your cell phone, giving you less clutter and gaining financially at the same time. It’s a definite win win situation.

Put Some New Money In Your Pocket In Place Of Your Old iPhone.

With iPhone technology being so cutting-edge, it’s little wonder that people marvel at the new updated iPhones are they are launched. iPhone technology is great and it’s so user friendly. Apple have the edge when it comes to tempting the consumer to part with their money and for good reason. The reputation of the iPhone is second to none, although many other companies are providing cell phones with advanced technology too these days.
The problem
The problem comes when the consumer updates their phone. The old iPhone is put on a back shelf somewhere and the new and more advanced iPhone takes its place. Today’s consumer is hungry for any new technology being offered and that offered by Apple is innovative and costly, though consumers are happy to pay the price to have the latest iPhone. No longer a fashion accessory, the iPhone is serious about giving people on the move the best access possible. Businessmen and women worldwide are cashing in on that fact and using the iPhone has become a way of life for them.
The problem is that old iPhones are forgotten about in the wake of new releases. These are put away in favor of new devices and rarely see active use again.
Making money from your used iPhone
What many iPhone users may not be aware of is that there is money to be made from used iPhones and that this can be done by simply clicking the right pages online. When you sell iPhone online, you are guided through the whole process and perhaps the new and zippy iPhone can be used to sell the less attractive former version that is no longer used. Sell iPhone online and the whole process is simple and effective and the iPhone turned into ready cash so that you can make something back from your initial investment.
Sending an item such as an iPhone in the post is relatively cheap, and once you have identified the type of iPhone you have for sale and the carrier attached to that iPhone, you can go through the process of identifying the exact model and be given a quote by companies that allow you the benefit of selling the iPhone online. Think of it this way, if you can buy an iPhone this easily, selling one should automatically be easy too and it is.
The price quoted will usually mean the price that a purchaser is willing to pay if the phone is in good condition. This is usually inspected when received and confirmation sent to state the value that was quoted stands or to give you a value if the condition was not as good as you stated in the first place. It’s wise to return the iPhone in a box if you still have one and in a clean condition. A fully functional iPhone can fetch quite a lot when you sell iPhone online.
So remember, wipe your personal information such as people’s phone numbers, images etc., or send them to your computer. Pop the iPhone into the post and you really can cash in on an old iPhone helping you to keep one step ahead for when the next iPhone is released.