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How To Sell My Cell Phone


If you’re sitting at your computer right now and thinking, “Where can I sell my cell phone?” then you’ve come to right place.
There are two ways you can do this and you can choose which one best suits your needs.

Your wireless carrier

If you got your phone from a wireless carrier and you’re looking to replace it, it’s always a good idea to first inquire with them. Some wireless carriers have a buy-back program that lets them retrieve units under their lock-in terms in exchange for either a brand new unit or cash. Be warned, if you wish to get a new unit right away, you might have to be ready with some extra cash since they only factor in the actual price of your unit against the new one. You will have to pay any balance that occurs.

Online trade-in sites

Perhaps the easiest route you can take are online trade-in sites. Literally, since you don’t have to travel anywhere to exchange it. There are sites like who will buy your old gadgets when you trade it in for cash. And the process is easy. You just make sure that your cell phone is in the best condition possible, ship it to them (don’t worry, it’ll be prepaid by the site) and they’ll send you cash in exchange.
Think it over. It’s always best to know your options before you sell your cell phone.

Top 3 Reasons the iPhone 6 Plus is a Must-Have

This iPhone 6 Plus review is here to present you with the top, most stunning features of Apple’s latest phone that just might convince you trade in your old gadget.

It Packs a Bigger Battery

Bigger, literally, as the iPhone 6 Plus has a battery that is just about the size of an iPhone 5s. Compared to the iPhone 6’s 1810 milliampere hour (mAh) battery, the iPhone 6 Plus has 2915 mAh. Apple stated that this means 30 more hours of audio playback, 3 more hours for videos, 1 hour for wifi browsing, 2 hours for LTE and 3G browsing, 10 hours of 3G talk and get this: 6 extra standby days.

It Has a Bigger Storage Capacity

Perhaps another big attraction is that the iPhone 6 Plus (and 6) now presents us with an option of 128 GB storage capacity. This is great news in that the phone will now allow more photos and videos without having to worry about transferring files too often.

It’s Apple’s First Phablet

Finally! Apple has conceded to the market’s demands for a bigger phone and who wouldn’t want to be part of that history? iPhone loyalists who secretly desire the larger screens of Android phones now have nothing to worry about. At 5.5 inches, the iPhone 6 Plus is still smaller than the average 5.7-inch Android, but it is still officially a phablet.

Time to upgrade your phone? Yes, it is.

The Bend and Snap Not Recommended For Your iPhone 6


Making Sense of NFC

Did you ever think that we would reach a level of technology where we can pay for stuff with our cell phones? It’s crazy, right?
But guess what? It’s here.
With the evolution of NFC, mobile payments are now possible.
What is NFC?
NFC is an abbreviation for Near Field Communication. This system makes it possible for two devices to connect from short distances. No, it’s not Bluetooth. It’s way better. A primitive form of NFC has actually been in use for years: think of the card you use to access restricted doors or pre-pay bus or subway rides. Since 2010, advanced cell phone models have had this feature for quick file transfers but now, it’s challenging the credit card.
How does NFC work?
It’s simple. First, your phone must have a necessary application or feature: Google Wallet for Android and Apple Pay for iOS. Next, connect the app to your bank accounts or, to be safer and manage funds better, open a prepaid account. And voila! Your cell phone is now a credit card. You use this mobile payments method by waving it over a reader at the cash register that reads your secure identification code and that’s it, you’ve paid. Not only that, a digital receipt is automatically saved into your phone, making it a paperless transaction and help keep better track of your expenses. It’s quicker and more convenient.
NFC and NFC mobile payments = RIP: Credit Cards.

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iPhone 6: Is it revolutionary?

Here’s a quick iPhone 6 review to spare you from “too-long-didn’t-read” stress.
Revolutionary would be the right term for what Apple has done with their latest phone, and here’s why:
It has an entirely new design.
Sure, they kept the traditional elements like the sleep/wake button, but the most striking thing about the iPhone 6 is that it completely veered away from the edgy, square-ish look and instead opted for a more round, polished and sleek continuous design. It’s made entirely of aluminum, which Apple uses for its Macbooks rather than its phones.
It has a better battery life.
The iPhone 6 has an 1810 milliampere hour (mAh) battery, which is only a slight improvement compared to the iPhone 5s’ 1560 mAh. However, Apple guarantees that this change will serve up 10 more hours of audio playback, 1 more hour for video and wifi-browsing and 4 more hours of 3G talk time. Not bad at all.
It has a seriously great camera.
Ok, it still has an 8MP camera, but Apple levels it up a new sensor that they call “focus pixels” which speeds up the autofocus function. Panoramic shots are now in higher resolution. As for videos, it can now shoot 1080p at 60 frames per second with a slow-motion option.
So yes, revolutionary is the right term for the iPhone 6, from Apple’s perspective. But from the outside world, it’s more like catching up. Still one hell of a phone, though.

How to sell your cell phone online

Technology nowadays moves at a pace that our pockets can’t often catch up to. For a regular Joe, it’s not really smart to shell out hundreds of cash just to keep up with the trend. But if you really want to do that, the best way is to sell your cell phone online. Now, you can try to do it the old-fashioned way and peddle it in the streets, but you’re better off selling it online and here are the two best ways to do it:
Classified Advertisement Websites
It’s quite easy to sell cell phone at classified ads sites. You just make an account, craft a nice description, put a price tag, post it and wait for someone to take the bait. Just make sure that you’re honest about what you’re selling and that the price is fair.
Dedicated Cell Phone Trade-in Sites
There has been an increasing demand for trade-in sites due to the quick turnaround of cell phone models and for you as a user looking to sell your cell phone, this is not only easy, but a quicker, more sure-fire way to convert it into cash. All you have to do is to quote your cell phone from their list, ship it to them (usually prepaid) and they’ll pay you for it. And you can finally buy your new cell phone.
You don’t have to wait. Trade in cell phone online now!

Shopping with your iPhone 6

Apple has released their newest additions to their iOS technology: the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. While both units have revolutionized the iPhone in terms of look, feel and screen size, it’s far from over. Apple added a certain feature that makes iPhone 6 mobile payments possible.
Apple Pay
The Apple Pay is a new form of payment process that lets your phone act as a credit card. It combines the technologies of near field communication (NFC) antenna, Passbook and Touch ID. Apple has also added what they call a Secure Element, which is basically a chip dedicated to storing encrypted payment information. All of this combined makes any cash register with the proper terminal an iPhone 6 mobile payments center.
How does it work?
You first need to add a credit card to the system and there are two ways to do it. One is to use the card connected to your iTunes account or two, use the phone’s iSight camera to add a new one. The moment Apple Pay has your card information, all you need to do is to point your phone at the reader in the cash register, select the credit card you want to use and authenticate it through Touch ID (fingerprint).No need to enter any payment information. It’s that easy!
Apple revealed a list of retail partners that will integrate Apple Pay in their transactions, which includes their retails stores, McDonalds, Walgreens and Sephora.

Top 3 Cell Phones to Replace Your Old One

In this day and age, it’s always a smart move to keep upgrading your gadgets. And if there is a best time to finally upgrade your cell phone, this is it.

So be prepared to sell your cell phone: the gadgets in this list will definitely convince.


LG gives us its latest cutting edge phone: the G3. It has a 5.5in 2560X1440 screen and 528ppi Quad HD display. The camera isn’t too bad, either with 13MP Optical Image Stabilizer plus (OIS+) and a rear camera with Laser Autofocus. This high-end technology enables the G3’s camera to focus images in 0.276 seconds, perfect for stealing precious moments.

Samsung S5
What else can we say about the S5? Big-ass phone, water and dust proof, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and a 16MP rear camera. On top of that, the S5 features a fingerprint scanner for extra security. It’s hard to say no to this phone.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
Sure, you’ll have to fight tooth-and-nail to get one but with the right dealer, it won’t be a problem. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are Apple’s biggest surprises. With a thinner, more metallic and rounded design, the two cell phones are a different breed from the iPhones we were used to. And how cool would it be to own the very first Apple phablet?

So, tempted to sell your cell phone? Join the club and upgrade now!

Bring on the Music

Emerging technology is always interesting. The iPod Touch 6 release date is likely to be in the fall because this is their usual pattern of releases. The iPod Touch 6 will no doubt offer consumers at least16GB and individuality, in that the choice of colors and skins will be wider than with older iPods Touch models. So what else is new and expected with the iPod Touch 6 release date nearing
If other designs to be brought out at the same time are anything to go by then streamlining will be on the list of changes, plus working on presenting the buttons in an easier to use manner. Apple has been listening to fan’s requests for changes, though how many of them will be incorporated into the new iPod Touch remains to be seen.
Retina display has been a function that will no doubt continue but there are rumors of the back camera coming back into focus on the newer model. The iPod Touch has had a great run and the iPod Touch 6 release date will probably not differ from past releases and thus be in October of this year. There are people speculating about it, although Apple don’t give away details on release dates until the last minute.
For those thinking of selling up their old iPod Touch, it’s worth heading toward getting ready for the launch in October, and thus selling on your old iPod Touch to help finance the new purchase. Rumors are rife about the iPod Touch 6 release date coinciding with the release of the new iPad Air or even the iPhone 6 but spacing out the releases may be a better bet for Apple, thus giving those who use several devices a little time between purchases, and a great item to add to their Christmas list, even if one item has already been purchased.
Fans have been waiting with baited breath to find out what Apple has in store for them with this release. Rumors include the incorporation of Touch ID on the iPad though little has been said about what will be different about the iPod Touch 6 or the release of iOS.8
There are speculations that the iPod Touch 6 release date will follow a special iPad event being held in early October, and this speculation is added to by followers of Apple believing that Apple would rather release the iPad and iPod Touch at the same time so as not to take the spotlight off the up and coming release of the iPhone 6 which is eagerly awaited by iPhone users. That makes perfect sense but that pushes back the arrival of the iPhone until later in the year, possibly to Christmas or early in the New Year.
It’s worthwhile for fans of the iPod Touch to stay tuned to Apple’s announcement pages as this is where full information will appear and give users the rundown on what Apple has in store for its fans. In the meantime, getting ready to bookmark pages where the older technology can be sold in an instant is well worth it, as this means that the money gained, which may be more than you think, can be offset against the price of the new technology.

Rumors And Speculation on The iPhone 6 Release Date

If you thought you had it good with the last iPhone released, think again. The new iPhone 6 release date is eagerly awaited for a reason. Speculators have brought out reports on the Internet that the new iPhone 6 is a phone worth waiting for. Purported to deliver an increased screen size around four and a half inches and five and a half inches, the new iPhone 6 models will of course be in direct competition with Windows and Android based phones which have all adopted larger screen format.

The iPhone 6 release date would seem to be likely in September, since there is a phone event on September 9th to be held by Apple. One can only assume that this is to give potential buyers a preview, and once that preview has been seen, consumers will be keen to cash in on the new iPhone. The iPhone 6 release date will also fall in well with an October/November release date for the iPad or iPad Air, leaving sufficient space between releases to gather momentum from potential buyers into the Apple market.

The sapphire crystal clear quality of the screen is something that users may find gives Apple the edge over the competition. It’s quite possible as well that the solid feel packed into a slimline package with a thinner case may be considered more stylish than products offered by competitors. Interesting rumors are being spread about the larger iPhone 6 having 128GB of storage, which really will get iPhone users’ attention, as this makes the new larger iPhone the best yet as far as storage is concerned.

Apple are known for their innovation and the iPhone 6 release date is thought to be nearing with the debut of the phone being on the 9th September.

The display is going to be first rate which isn’t a surprise to Apple fans though the sleek slim shape and the user friendliness of the buttons may be something that will certainly tempt serious cell phone users. There is also good news for those who have accidentally switched volume up or down by accident as it is thought that this is something Apple have worked on by recessing the buttons on the iPhone 6.

Images taken with the iPhone 6 are also thought to be an improved user experience, using “True Tone” to give great images although only the debut of the iPhone 6 will confirm or otherwise whether the rumors and speculations really amount to much improvement for the end user. Knowing Apple’s past record, it would be surprising if the iPhone 6 did not include enhancements as Apple is forever improving what it offers the public in the way of startlingly modern technology.

As the iPhone 6 release date gets nearer, it may be a good time to trade in older versions ready to finance your investment in the iPhone 6 which will no doubt live up to everyone’s expectations.