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Mobile Gaming vs Console Gaming

In the gaming industry, there are two big guys, PlayStation and Xbox. What people aren’t seeing is the potential for mobile gaming coming on. You look at some cell phones and some of those quite frankly don’t have the screen size to play on. Just in the last 2-3 years there have been phones that used to be a 4 inch screen increase up to 6 or 7 inch screens. If you think about it, it seems as though some phone companies are thinking that gaming on a mobile device will be big soon. I am sure a lot of you guys know the mobile games that have gotten big just over the last 2 years. Some, so big, that they have commercial spots on T.V. If you guys want a bigger phone so you can actually see what your doing and your just tired of trying to tap the answer button and missing it, go on over to Farewellcell and they will not only take your cell phone off your hands but pay you a premium price for it.

What I haven’t talked about is the console gaming portion.

One thing to look at when talking about Xbox or PlayStation is that they have come so far in the world of gaming that people are what you would call “cheating” using a modded controller. Some controllers have Rapid fire, which lets you use a single shot weapon (Pistols, Single shot rifles) and turn them into a machine gun. Then there are others like Drop shot, Quick scope, and Mimic. Some companies have three controllers and some companies have twenty. But there is one company that has about as close to unlimited as you can get. That company is Gamers Option. They have such a feature called make your own modded controller. With this you can actually choose your own colored shell, joysticks, and buttons. You can even choose your led lights along with your mods. So go on over and check them out!

The New iPads Are Worth The Fuss, and Here’s Why.

The new iPads were just announced today and the buzz is surrounded around not enough features and price. What consumers are missing here is the new iPad is thinner than a #2 pencil, includes a faster processor sporting the A8 chip, a beefed up visual display, and now includes the infamous fingerprint touch ID. Even with all the upgraded features, there is a sense that Apple didn’t swing for the fences according to the average consumer unable to justify the price tag of $499 for the iPad Air 2. Its predecessor, the iPad Air at $100 cheaper, seems to be the favorite between the devices.

It doesn’t seem clear what everyone was expecting here. It has everything a newly released item would contain so why would disappointment be surrounding the announcement you ask? Here’s a guess being another consumer like everyone else. Apple has created a name for themselves to be the breakout tech innovators. When making the announcement of a new product, we expect Apple to create the next innovation on every release date. We don’t want to only see a better product with advanced features, we want to see the next thing we can’t live without. Perhaps a body suit connected to brain impulses or an app that makes us lose weight while we sit on the couch. This might be what we expect rather than another visual display that’s lighter and faster.

Let me know what would make you happy for Apple’s next announcement rather than an update of a device that is starting to lose its popularity.

Apple Watch with Apple Pay Security, is it Tough Enough?

Apple Watch with Apple Pay

Apple Watch with Apple Pay

Are you just as excited as I am to begin making purchases for everything with the new Apple watch? Coming to a wrist near you, the Apple watch is due to hit shelves sometime in the beginning of 2015. The big question that comes to mind with this up and coming technology is security.

Apple Pay Security

Don’t be fooled into thinking just because its an Apple product that its secure. I would be curious to hear the responses by Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence on their thoughts of Apple security with the latest iCloud hacks. Even with the latest vulnerabilities exposed, are we expected to open our wallets and let Apple have a look inside? Wait just a minute. A couple of questions need to be answered first.

What is going to make Apple Pay secure?

Apple has created a unique process for storing payment methods. Storing the actual credit card numbers are going to be non-existent as they have developed an alternative method in which a “unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted, and securely stored in the Secure Element” on the Apple watch. This is similar to a method that will become familiar within the payments industry known as tokenization. Unique digital “tokens” will be generated for each and every transaction with its own unique code that will make this virtually hack proof.

Well what if I lose my Apple watch?

Oh, it gets better. If you ever lose your watch, you will be able to erase it through your iCloud account no matter where it might be. This shouldn’t happen very often as it will be strapped onto your wrist. Just watch out for those tricky magicians.