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Picking Blackberries Made Easy

If you’re a Blackberry fan, no doubt you have seen the Z30 and discovered what it can do. With such increased battery life, storage and a five inch all touch screen, it’s pretty impressive. The trouble is, you may be asking yourself how do I sell my Blackberry Z10? That’s the dilemma which faces many individual users like me when wanting to invest in new technology and new technology keeps hitting the market. How can you justify spending out on a new phone when it seems not so long ago that the last investment was made?

Having tried to sell items on auction sites, you may have found that the response is disappointing because old technology is yesterday’s news. Although people will buy into older technology, the problem is that they expect to get it at rock bottom prices and that isn’t fair on the consumer who has invested a lot of money. Not only that but how many readers have the moral dilemma of explaining to their better half that they have just spent money on a new gadget, when money is short?

Trade In Blackberry Z10

If you are asking yourself where can I sell my Blackberry Z10, that’s another matter entirely. I recently discovered that you don’t even have to walk down to the shops to get top dollar for your older technology. All you have to do is find companies who are buying up old cell phones, but beware. Not all companies are born equal and some give higher estimates for your equipment than others.

Online companies make the transaction discreet and from your Internet connection, it’s possible to sell your phone, just like I learned to sell my Blackberry Z10 and get a very nice lump sum to go toward newer technology, thus making explanation easier. Not only that, by selling it online, I made more than I thought possible.

Still not convinced? Look at it this way. When new Blackberries hit the market, people are going to be in a frenzied rush to experience what the makers have developed. What that usually means is throwing the old phone to the back of a drawer to gather dust. Each day it sits there, it potentially loses value, but the owner of the new Blackberry isn’t thinking about the old technology or recycling it. When they do, they will realize that society doesn’t have to be throw-away in nature and that selling old phones helps to finance new ones.

If you are among the guilty when it comes to harbouring all that unused technology, it’s time to start thinking again. It shouldn’t be about when or if I sell my Blackberry Z10. It should be about realizing that every day old technology sits around unused, the value is going down. Acting fast through online trade in is a sensible step toward responsible savings. When people are complaining about income, that makes sense. Once you find the market online for your phone, it’s likely you will save the page in your favourites for future use.