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The New iPads Are Worth The Fuss, and Here’s Why.

The new iPads were just announced today and the buzz is surrounded around not enough features and price. What consumers are missing here is the new iPad is thinner than a #2 pencil, includes a faster processor sporting the A8 chip, a beefed up visual display, and now includes the infamous fingerprint touch ID. Even with all the upgraded features, there is a sense that Apple didn’t swing for the fences according to the average consumer unable to justify the price tag of $499 for the iPad Air 2. Its predecessor, the iPad Air at $100 cheaper, seems to be the favorite between the devices.

It doesn’t seem clear what everyone was expecting here. It has everything a newly released item would contain so why would disappointment be surrounding the announcement you ask? Here’s a guess being another consumer like everyone else. Apple has created a name for themselves to be the breakout tech innovators. When making the announcement of a new product, we expect Apple to create the next innovation on every release date. We don’t want to only see a better product with advanced features, we want to see the next thing we can’t live without. Perhaps a body suit connected to brain impulses or an app that makes us lose weight while we sit on the couch. This might be what we expect rather than another visual display that’s lighter and faster.

Let me know what would make you happy for Apple’s next announcement rather than an update of a device that is starting to lose its popularity.

Hot Gossip on The New iPad Release Date

There are many who are speculating on the new iPad release date with some agreeing amongst themselves that October 2014 would be the most obvious from a business point of view for Apple to release the iPad Air 2, while yet others speculate that the iPad 5, 6 or Pro is much more likely to be released in the new year.

Images which have been posted on websites showing mock-ups of the new device though how accurate the speculation is on the new iPad release date or the detail given in images is can only be guessed at since Apple are certainly not giving the game away.

For example, one image showed that familiar ring which appears in the vicinity of the home button which would hint at Touch ID scanning of fingerprints. The outside edge buttons on the mock-up also show decided differences between the current iPad and it’s apparent replacement.

Speaker holes have been extended and leaks indicate that the back camera on the tablet will undergo improvement. Looking at people’s wish lists for what they would like to see out of a new iPad, people seem to want larger format or bigger screens even though this time last year, they were crying out for a more lightweight format. The iPad Air fixed that though the only way that the public could be satisfied with both lightness and larger size would seem to be to release an iPad Air 2 and Pro, thus giving everyone what they wanted from the iconic tablet.

With the news looming over the tablet market, and with iPad’s habit of bringing out a new model for each of its devices each year, it’s likely that the new iPad release date really won’t be that far away. If the speculations for October are accurate, then one can expect news within September, ready for the launch. However, if the launch does take place in October, that might just be a little too early to capture the Christmas market. Apple marketing staff must be looking very hard at the ideal date though there is a chance that they could make a killing by releasing the iPad Air 2 ready for before Christmas, and then bring in the Pro version in the new year, keeping potential users in the dark until the launch date happens.

The rumor of a boost in RAM for the iPad Air may be very interesting at 2GB and with the Retina friendly screen, this is likely to be popular with all ages. In fact one of the benefits of the iPad Air, apart from this retina friendliness, was the fact that it weighed in lighter and was much easier for those wishing to read, since it caused less stress on the wrists. If Apple are heading for better definition for the iPad Pro with a larger screen, how will they counter the weight problem? One can only speculate.

In the meantime, it’s worth looking after Apple equipment bought before the new iPad release date, and even after that time, by protecting it in a sleeve or cover, because the online trade in prices will help finance future purchases.