Moving on Without My Moto X

Your Moto X may have been the best thing ever when it came out, but little by little, Motorola have tempted you into their new generation phone models. Thus the Moto X became redundant. Have you have ever thought about how many redundant phones there are in the world, all tucked away in hidden places and forgotten, in favor of new ones? There must be literally thousands. Of course there are places where these can be sold, but people stopped bothering because it was too difficult to get anything like what they were worth. Auction prices were low for older models and to sell my Moto X, I had to go a step further than simply praying that someone would bid at the last minute. It’s as if you have a relationship with a phone and that seemed a very poor way to treat it after being hand held for so long.

Now there is somewhere that’s worthwhile thinking about because the value for money you get on older equipment helps to finance the new or certainly gives you more satisfaction. It also makes it easier to explain to difficult spouses that you bought into new technology while times are hard. Making the pain of explanation easier, I asked where I could sell my Moto X and actually get a reasonable amount for it and the answer was unexpected. By chance, a friend had noticed a website offering trade-in prices which actually seemed quite good. Following her advice, the only thing that members of the public have to do is choose the make and model and simply follow the instructions online.
It’s easier than standing in a queue in a second hand store which won’t pay you anything like what the Moto X is worth. This is because cell phones can be sold to companies that specialize in recycling the parts or even refurbishing them, giving them a whole new lease of life. The end result is a win win situation for me and my Moto X because it may just come into the hands of someone who will love it as much as I did, and that’s a vast improvement upon being placed at the back of a drawer and forgotten.

Now all that’s left to do is to persuade my partner to do the same with his iPhone when the new iPhone hits the shops. Once he does, he can use that extra money just in time for Christmas, whereas the money I made has already been put aside in a savings account for the next release that Motorola will have on offer. Motorola come up with tempting packages which always give great features and the money made is safely awaiting that next new release.
People who have discovered the amazing prices given on websites like this are finding that recycling is the friendly way to go, even with technology which may seem a little outdated. My Moto X is in safe hands but so is the money, ready for the release of the Moto G2 or the Moto X+1 early next month.

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