Rumors And Speculation on The iPhone 6 Release Date

If you thought you had it good with the last iPhone released, think again. The new iPhone 6 release date is eagerly awaited for a reason. Speculators have brought out reports on the Internet that the new iPhone 6 is a phone worth waiting for. Purported to deliver an increased screen size around four and a half inches and five and a half inches, the new iPhone 6 models will of course be in direct competition with Windows and Android based phones which have all adopted larger screen format.

The iPhone 6 release date would seem to be likely in September, since there is a phone event on September 9th to be held by Apple. One can only assume that this is to give potential buyers a preview, and once that preview has been seen, consumers will be keen to cash in on the new iPhone. The iPhone 6 release date will also fall in well with an October/November release date for the iPad or iPad Air, leaving sufficient space between releases to gather momentum from potential buyers into the Apple market.

The sapphire crystal clear quality of the screen is something that users may find gives Apple the edge over the competition. It’s quite possible as well that the solid feel packed into a slimline package with a thinner case may be considered more stylish than products offered by competitors. Interesting rumors are being spread about the larger iPhone 6 having 128GB of storage, which really will get iPhone users’ attention, as this makes the new larger iPhone the best yet as far as storage is concerned.

Apple are known for their innovation and the iPhone 6 release date is thought to be nearing with the debut of the phone being on the 9th September.

The display is going to be first rate which isn’t a surprise to Apple fans though the sleek slim shape and the user friendliness of the buttons may be something that will certainly tempt serious cell phone users. There is also good news for those who have accidentally switched volume up or down by accident as it is thought that this is something Apple have worked on by recessing the buttons on the iPhone 6.

Images taken with the iPhone 6 are also thought to be an improved user experience, using “True Tone” to give great images although only the debut of the iPhone 6 will confirm or otherwise whether the rumors and speculations really amount to much improvement for the end user. Knowing Apple’s past record, it would be surprising if the iPhone 6 did not include enhancements as Apple is forever improving what it offers the public in the way of startlingly modern technology.

As the iPhone 6 release date gets nearer, it may be a good time to trade in older versions ready to finance your investment in the iPhone 6 which will no doubt live up to everyone’s expectations.

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