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Mobile Gaming vs Console Gaming

In the gaming industry, there are two big guys, PlayStation and Xbox. What people aren’t seeing is the potential for mobile gaming coming on. You look at some cell phones and some of those quite frankly don’t have the screen size to play on. Just in the last 2-3 years there have been phones that used to be a 4 inch screen increase up to 6 or 7 inch screens. If you think about it, it seems as though some phone companies are thinking that gaming on a mobile device will be big soon. I am sure a lot of you guys know the mobile games that have gotten big just over the last 2 years. Some, so big, that they have commercial spots on T.V. If you guys want a bigger phone so you can actually see what your doing and your just tired of trying to tap the answer button and missing it, go on over to Farewellcell and they will not only take your cell phone off your hands but pay you a premium price for it.

What I haven’t talked about is the console gaming portion.

One thing to look at when talking about Xbox or PlayStation is that they have come so far in the world of gaming that people are what you would call “cheating” using a modded controller. Some controllers have Rapid fire, which lets you use a single shot weapon (Pistols, Single shot rifles) and turn them into a machine gun. Then there are others like Drop shot, Quick scope, and Mimic. Some companies have three controllers and some companies have twenty. But there is one company that has about as close to unlimited as you can get. That company is Gamers Option. They have such a feature called make your own modded controller. With this you can actually choose your own colored shell, joysticks, and buttons. You can even choose your led lights along with your mods. So go on over and check them out!