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How To Sell My Cell Phone


If you’re sitting at your computer right now and thinking, “Where can I sell my cell phone?” then you’ve come to right place.
There are two ways you can do this and you can choose which one best suits your needs.

Your wireless carrier

If you got your phone from a wireless carrier and you’re looking to replace it, it’s always a good idea to first inquire with them. Some wireless carriers have a buy-back program that lets them retrieve units under their lock-in terms in exchange for either a brand new unit or cash. Be warned, if you wish to get a new unit right away, you might have to be ready with some extra cash since they only factor in the actual price of your unit against the new one. You will have to pay any balance that occurs.

Online trade-in sites

Perhaps the easiest route you can take are online trade-in sites. Literally, since you don’t have to travel anywhere to exchange it. There are sites like who will buy your old gadgets when you trade it in for cash. And the process is easy. You just make sure that your cell phone is in the best condition possible, ship it to them (don’t worry, it’ll be prepaid by the site) and they’ll send you cash in exchange.
Think it over. It’s always best to know your options before you sell your cell phone.