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The New iPads Are Worth The Fuss, and Here’s Why.

The new iPads were just announced today and the buzz is surrounded around not enough features and price. What consumers are missing here is the new iPad is thinner than a #2 pencil, includes a faster processor sporting the A8 chip, a beefed up visual display, and now includes the infamous fingerprint touch ID. Even with all the upgraded features, there is a sense that Apple didn’t swing for the fences according to the average consumer unable to justify the price tag of $499 for the iPad Air 2. Its predecessor, the iPad Air at $100 cheaper, seems to be the favorite between the devices.

It doesn’t seem clear what everyone was expecting here. It has everything a newly released item would contain so why would disappointment be surrounding the announcement you ask? Here’s a guess being another consumer like everyone else. Apple has created a name for themselves to be the breakout tech innovators. When making the announcement of a new product, we expect Apple to create the next innovation on every release date. We don’t want to only see a better product with advanced features, we want to see the next thing we can’t live without. Perhaps a body suit connected to brain impulses or an app that makes us lose weight while we sit on the couch. This might be what we expect rather than another visual display that’s lighter and faster.

Let me know what would make you happy for Apple’s next announcement rather than an update of a device that is starting to lose its popularity.