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iPhone 6: Is it revolutionary?

Here’s a quick iPhone 6 review to spare you from “too-long-didn’t-read” stress.
Revolutionary would be the right term for what Apple has done with their latest phone, and here’s why:
It has an entirely new design.
Sure, they kept the traditional elements like the sleep/wake button, but the most striking thing about the iPhone 6 is that it completely veered away from the edgy, square-ish look and instead opted for a more round, polished and sleek continuous design. It’s made entirely of aluminum, which Apple uses for its Macbooks rather than its phones.
It has a better battery life.
The iPhone 6 has an 1810 milliampere hour (mAh) battery, which is only a slight improvement compared to the iPhone 5s’ 1560 mAh. However, Apple guarantees that this change will serve up 10 more hours of audio playback, 1 more hour for video and wifi-browsing and 4 more hours of 3G talk time. Not bad at all.
It has a seriously great camera.
Ok, it still has an 8MP camera, but Apple levels it up a new sensor that they call “focus pixels” which speeds up the autofocus function. Panoramic shots are now in higher resolution. As for videos, it can now shoot 1080p at 60 frames per second with a slow-motion option.
So yes, revolutionary is the right term for the iPhone 6, from Apple’s perspective. But from the outside world, it’s more like catching up. Still one hell of a phone, though.