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Making Sense of NFC

Did you ever think that we would reach a level of technology where we can pay for stuff with our cell phones? It’s crazy, right?
But guess what? It’s here.
With the evolution of NFC, mobile payments are now possible.
What is NFC?
NFC is an abbreviation for Near Field Communication. This system makes it possible for two devices to connect from short distances. No, it’s not Bluetooth. It’s way better. A primitive form of NFC has actually been in use for years: think of the card you use to access restricted doors or pre-pay bus or subway rides. Since 2010, advanced cell phone models have had this feature for quick file transfers but now, it’s challenging the credit card.
How does NFC work?
It’s simple. First, your phone must have a necessary application or feature: Google Wallet for Android and Apple Pay for iOS. Next, connect the app to your bank accounts or, to be safer and manage funds better, open a prepaid account. And voila! Your cell phone is now a credit card. You use this mobile payments method by waving it over a reader at the cash register that reads your secure identification code and that’s it, you’ve paid. Not only that, a digital receipt is automatically saved into your phone, making it a paperless transaction and help keep better track of your expenses. It’s quicker and more convenient.
NFC and NFC mobile payments = RIP: Credit Cards.

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