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Extra Holiday Money is Sitting in your Drawer in the Shape of a Cell Phone

Santa Clause, holiday lights, egg nog, and extra holiday cash, what else could you want? The holiday season is here again and get ready to spend another fortune in extravagant gifts and of course, your favorite holiday sweater. The average person is expected to spend $804 exceeding last year by about $50. If you are wondering where you can pick up some extra cash, don’t worry, there is a huge market for unused cell phones and the amount you can receive for them carry a surprising number.

Just about every household that uses a cell phone has an unused cell phone that is sitting in a drawer losing its value one day at a time. There are plenty of online sites that will buy your unused and forgotten devices without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Some offer more than others and just about all of them will offer free shipping. All you have to do is select the devices you want to sell and whether they work or not, fill out your payment information and send them off. Make sure you erase all of your personal data on the phone and if it’s broken, choose a recycler that will look to fix the phone and erase the data for you. Most online sites will have a privacy policy in place that will protect you from any wrong doing. This is a much better approach than selling it to another individual who may repair the device and have access to your personal information that once existed on the phone. It really couldn’t be any easier than that. Not only will you get instant cash, you will also receive the gratification of clearing out some clutter and keeping the planet green recycling.